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How to play using an online lottery messenger


If you are new to play online lottery games through online lottery messenger, then you have to decide how you are going to enter it before purchasing the entries.  You can play as an Individual to win the jackpot prize for yourself or you can enhance your odds of winning by playing as a syndicate and share the prizes with the team.

You can get hold of the lottery entries through the lottery messenger service in a very simple way and you can play in any legitimate one like irish lottery . Here are the simple steps:


Play as an Individual:

  1. Pick the numbers and the number of draws from the lottery you wish to play
  2. Pay for the lottery entries.
  3. Regarding courier services, the agent in the jurisdiction or country where the lottery is held will buy the lottery tickets, scan the tickets and upload the images to your online lotto player account.


Play as a member in the lottery Syndicate:

After choosing the lottery, search the type of syndicates on offer for the particular game. The lottery messenger service will have the complete details and label the different options available.

Choose the number of shares you would like to have in the syndicate. The winning share increases with the number of shares you buy.

After paying for the order, the tickets which are bought to play as a syndicate are scanned and displayed in your account. The lottery online messenger sites that use the insurance model will just do an entry in to your player account that displays the playing numbers in the draw.


Claim the lottery prizes: 

Most of the online lottery messenger sites pay the lower tier prizes immediately in your online account. You can use it to buy tickets for future draw or transfer the amount to your personal bank account. If you or your syndicate wins the jackpot, then the customer service team of the online lottery messenger service contacts you and guide in claiming the prize.