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Sheffield Baseball Club – Rooftop Cubs Game


We had a very important meeting in the next week and unfortunately there was the most awaited cubs game of the year on the same day, as we hail from a baseball fanatic nation we did not have any thought of missing the thrilling game. Hence to manage this situation our management came with the idea of conducting the general corporate body meeting in the venue of the baseball club match and this was possible by reserving an exclusive all-star suite at the venue.

The luxury all-star suite of the stadium with its five star qualities and first class facilities was a perfect fit for both hosting a corporate body meeting and also to view the game from a rooftop. The meeting was successfully over a few minutes before the match started and then every one of us enjoyed and also had the ultimate game experience of our lives watching a rooftop Cubs game. It was double delight for the management as they were able to satisfy their employees and as well as witness the best sporting event.