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Giving Your Kids a Fun Outdoor Experience

The times where kids preferred going outside over playing on their tablets is over. It seems like parents have to drag their children outside to enjoy a little bit of sunlight.

While they would normally rather play their electronics, sometimes they just need a boost in the right direction – or a little incentive to get them outdoors.

Add Play Equipment

As your children get older, they’re less likely to play outside, but even older kids enjoy playing when there’s equipment around. This can be anything from a trampoline to a pool to buying basketball courts for the backyard. As long as it’s there, it will get used.

Avoid Forcing

Unless your children are under the age of 10, you can’t persuade them to go outside by forcing them or taking away electronic devices. You’ll need to find a more persuasive route. Some easy tactics include inviting the neighborhood kids to play; playing outside yourself, which will bring the whole family out; or bringing out a new toy every couple of months.

Showing your kids that playing outdoors can be fun isn’t always easy, but with the right toys and environment, any child will go outside to play – even if they run indoors to check their iPhones every 15 minutes.