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For Sports persons to get back in full fitness after Sports Injuries


After a Sports Injury most of the sports people feel broke down as they fear that these injuries shall take a toll on their physical fitness and shall disrupt their prospects and success in Sports Arena. Now, understanding a Sports Treatment and Rehabilitation process at The Recovery Room can help them not to worry anymore after a Sports injury as it can help them to regain their fitness.


The Recovery Room Treatment and Rehabilitation process 

What an injured Sports person can Expect and How The Recovery Room works ?

The initial step before any treatment would be the consultation and this shall involve a complete understanding of the case by knowing the history of the Injury and aftermath symptoms and the impact of injury.

After the initial step of understanding the full case history and a thorough analysis of the injury, the Sports Therapist makes a detailed physical examination which would then decide the diagnosis and the specific treatment plan required for the case and it also requires the Therapist to check the alignment of the body.

It would be better to wear a comfortable clothing such as Shorts and Sports training tops that helps assessment.

The purpose of the assessment in The Recovery room is to make the person know the cause of the injury and to make them ensure the rehabilitation process prevents it from returning again.

The entire Treatment plan is carried out after obtaining the consent of the individual. Certain treatments can cause a pain or discomfort to the patient and this is taken care of by monitoring the levels of pain that can be perceived by the patient and at the same time without compromising on the efficiency of the treatment.


Various Treatment and Rehabilitation Services at The Recovery Room Sports Injury Clinic 

Therapies and Massages :

Soft Tissue Therapies that includes Manual Therapy – For Spine and Peripheral joints.

Trigger Point Therapy to relieve pain.

Ultra Sound and Electrotherapy modalities for Soft tissue Injuries

Remedial Massage, Sports Massage for injury treatment.


Analysis and Assessment techniques :

Posture analysis – To identify cause of symptoms from alignment.

Gait and biomechanical analysis – To analyse specific Sport activity.

Stretching – To improve Posture alignment.

Strengthening : Core stability assessment using bio feedback devices.


Sport and Occupation Specific Rehabilitation Service :

This is aimed at understanding the requirements of the Sports persons occupation, Sports practised, lifestyle and tailoring a specific programme accordingly.