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Surfboarding Tip No.3 : Specially Designed Surfboard Bags

One fine evening, I went to beach to relax and get some sea breeze. I was watching around and found few people swimming and even playing some of the water sports like surfing and stand up paddle boarding. Having originated in the Hawaiian beaches the Surfboarding is now becoming very popular among people of all age groups. It is acclaimed as a global water sport and people who maintain a good physical condition irrespective of their age alone can only play this water sport and surfers are the major people of this kind. Water sports like Surfboarding requires special accessories and equipment to play it safe and to protect the Surfboards from wear and tear while carrying it, there are exclusive specially designed Prolite surfboard bags that can be used. It could be played by any swimmer or surfer using stand up paddle boards which has a one bladed paddle and by holding an oar in the hand. The surfer or the boarder has to stand on the paddle and row the paddle gently on the either side using the oars in their hands. It is very fun to play this sport in seas with more and high waves and also is very enjoyable and pleasant when played in the rivers and lakes with low water currents.

Surfboarding in the ‘Surfboarding Capital of The West Coast’ – San Diego’s Top Five Beaches

Surfboarding sports and games are all about a person standing on a elongated board holding on to nothing and swiftly riding over the waves and when he reaches the edge of the tides, he moves on to the next wave arising towards him and surfboarding games are never so easy and requires constant practice, courage and stamina. There are exclusive surfboards and accessories available for these water sports. Till date Surfboarding is considered to be the most adventurous water sport and henceforth myself, along with my swimming club members decided for a Surfboarding trip in the ‘Surfboarding Capital of West Coast’, yes in San Diego’s beaches. Since, we are regular Surfers, we always wanted to use our own Surfboards instead of hiring them and hence we had to carry them in whichever beach we went for surfing.

Last time, our surfboards got damaged because of poor Surfboard bags and so this time I sought the advice of leading surf-boarders and bought very high quality surfboard bags for my surfboards from the Creatures of Leisure surfboard bags and also for all the members of my Surfboarding club too. Once after reaching San Diego, we inquired about the Top beaches there for surfboarding and found these – Torrey Pines State Beach, Pacific Beach, Children’s Pool Beach (La Jolla Beach), Ocean Beach and Mission Beach as the Top Five beaches of San Diego and had the most fun-filled Surfboarding of our lifetime there.

Best Wetsuits for Surfboarding practices and popular Water Sports

Water sports can give the best fun of a lifetime, when it is played with friends in groups with utmost protection using the best quality water sports accessories and equipments. As there are many kinds of water sports such as boating, surfboarding, kayaking and many more like that, each type of water sports requires its own accessories and equipment made and used exclusively for it. There are always two kinds of options available when it comes to using equipment for water sports and it is they can be either rented from exclusive shops dealing with for water sports accessories or buying it from them.

People who play water sports regularly shall better own equipment and who play once in a while just for fun shall rent them from on-line stores or water sports equipment renting shops nearby to beaches. At the same time, contrary to the general myth not all water sports require the skill of swimming, just by using the best of water sports equipments people can protect themselves while playing. Also, there are Best West wetsuits for Surfboarding practices and popular Water Sports available in the market using which Water sports can be played by people who are interested in playing it and do not want to get wet easily.

Play Water Sports such as Boating and Surfboarding in Hawaii beaches

In this fast paced, money-minded world people are under too much of physical and mental stress and this makes them to face several health issues in due course of time as they do not get much time to concentrate on their health through diet and exercises. However, there is one option through which they can do exercise and at the same time have enough fun for the mind and it is nothing but through sports and recreational activities. There are few kinds of sports that are adventurous, very engaging, gives a lot of excitement and also offers fun of a lifetime and these are the water sports.

During my recent trip to beaches in Hawaii in decided to try water sports such as surfboarding, paddle up boarding, kayaking and as such and depending on the type of water stream and according to an individual’s interest there were a number of such options available in water sports. Water sports shall help us to burn large amounts of calories and hardened fat. And a water sport too requires its own sporting accessories such as boat supplies for boating related sports and best high quality equipment required for boating and other water sports can also be bought online. Using them tried to Play Water Sports such as Boating and Surfboarding in Hawaii beaches.

Better Surfboarding Tip no. 4 : Protect your Surfboarding equipment

An interest in Sports is something very innate to everyone, people do have at least one sport or game for their entertainment needs and this can be done either by watching them or playing them regularly. Having a sport to watch can be a pure entertainment but playing a sport regularly can keep an individual health both physically and mentally. There are few sports that can be combined with travel and tours during vacation times. Such sports are popularly known as Vacation sports. One of such vacation sports, for which people travel to play them are the water sports and among all kinds of water sports, it is Surfboarding which Surfers like to play in different seas in different wave and tide levels. As each Surfer takes pride in owning a Surfboard, they would like to carry it with them to whichever place they travel to play Surfboarding. Since, the quality of Surfboards is very essential to play Surfboarding safely, it becomes a necessity to maintain them well and as there happens a too much of wear and tear to it during traveling, it ios advised for Surfers to carry their Surfboards in exclusive travel surfboard bags to protect their Surfboarding equipment and accessories during traveling .

Surfboarding Tips : Tip 5 – Use high quality Surfboard bags for longer life of your Surfboards

There are few passionate Surfboarders following my Travel blogs on Surfboarding activities and Surfboarding tips and for those guys, here is my another Surfboarding Tip number 5 for this week.

As we all know that Surfboarding is one of the popular Water Sports and at the same time a bit risky and very adventurous too. And the fun is equivalent to the adventurous act we perform by Surfing over higher and higher tides, hence knowing swimming alone is not just enough, practicing swimming regularly and if possible knowing all styles of swimming will do more good and increases your confidence to Surf and reduces any kinds of fear over Surfing.

Another important way of managing risk and keeping yourself utmost secure is by ensuring that your Surfboards are in a good condition, for that maintaining your Surfboards from wear and tear and preventing it from getting scratches in edges while carrying them or keeping them in your place is very important. The only to do this is by using quality Surfboard bags for your Surfboards. By placing your Surfboards within these carefully designed Surfboard bags, and using them to carry your Surfboards, it prevents Surfboards layers and edges from getting hit over any surface and keep it clean out of dust accumulation over it.



There are many kinds of watersports and almost all of them offer a solid amount of fun, thrill and joy. However, still Surfboarding is known to be one of the riskiest and most adventurous one of all water sports. At the same time, even people who are afraid of Seas and Surfboarding games in their minds will also have the desire to play them as they witness the amount of joy and thrill Surfboarders get while Surfboarding. Here are few Surfboarding Tips for beginners and non-Surfboarders to overcome the hypes and myths about Surfboarding and play Surfboarding with Safety.

First of all, is learn to swim and learn to practice involuntary swimming methods which will make you overcome any panicking and fear from arresting your senses and still makes you keep swimming when you are under fear and panic in seas.

During, initial Surfboarding days get the help of an expert Surfboarding person and in initial phase Surfboard with more people and try different beaches.

Ensure that you use high quality Surfboarding equipments and travel surfboard bags in order to protect your Surfboarding equipment.

Also, till you gain confidence Surfboard only in beaches of small tides with waves of just few feets.