From Ducks to Clay Pigeons

As a kid, my father and I used to go hunting for ducks. We would get up early and take our dog with us and just spend the day shooting around, hoping to catch a duck to eat. Since those days, I’ve become a vegan and don’t hunt ducks anymore because I find it to be cruel. Even though I’ve changed my thoughts on hunting ducks, I still want to shoot. I’ve switched to a inanimate target in the form of clay pigeon shooting. The clay pigeons are sent flying through the air by a machine and all I have to do is aim and shoot. It’s similar to trying to hit a fast moving bird as it’s flying through the air.

My aim has gotten a little rusty since my shooting days as a kid, but I can still hit a pretty good amount of pigeons. The trick to making the shots is being able to react when you hear the sound of the machine tossing another pigeon into the air. You only have so much time to hit the pigeon before it travels too far to be hit, and after that point, any shots are pretty much worthless, unless you’re some kind of magician. Practice will increase reaction time, but I also like to try some exercises. I have a program on my computer that will produce a sound and measure how long it takes for me to click my mouse button.

Each time I go to the shooting area, I get a little better. I’ve met some pretty great people there who I talk to on a regular basis and we just have a lot of fun aiming at the clay pigeons. It’s something that you can really get a lot of fun out of because it can pass the time and give you a pretty fun skill that you can even use to win some competitions if you’re good enough.