She Loves Her Tweed Jacket

My daughter has loved horses even before she could walk. Her grandfather owns several, and we spent a lot of time at his house when my husband was away on business. Her grandfather taught her everything she knows about horses, and he even bought her one when she was 13 years old. She had always been able to ride his, but having her very own horse was very special for her. She started entering competitions not too much later, and before she did, the two of us went online to look at equestrian clothing.

She already had a lot of what she needed, like the boots and gloves, but I wanted to get her a tweed jacket because that is one thing that she always has commented on when we would go to various horse shows. I wanted her to have her very own jacket so little girls could admire her the way she admired older riders when she was much younger. I knew that this would do her a lot of good too, adding to confidence that was already very high. We found a company that sells just about everything that you could want as a horse rider.

She looked at all the different ones on this website, and she liked the Caldene Wilderhope shooting jacket the best out of all of them. It is a shooting jacket that is lined with horse statement lining, making it very nice. The pockets are lined, making them much warmer. The price was definitely right too, because we had seen this same jacket on sale for a lot more money at other websites. That was not the only thing we purchased for her that day, but it is definitely her favorite. I can see the pride shining from her when she is wearing her jacket when she is at horse competitions now.