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The Questions You Need to Ask When Choosing a College

Deciding which college to attend is one of the most important choices you’ll make in your lifetime. You’ll need a place that will keep you happy and engaged for the years you’ll spend there, as well as give you great job prospects once you graduate. If you’re getting ready to apply to colleges, here are some things you need to ask before you make the final decision.


What’s Campus Life Like?

Wherever you go to college will be your home for four years (or longer). It’s not enough to research the faculty or the alumni. If you’re in Mississippi, for example you should take a second to look into campus life at Jackson state and decide if it’s a good environment for your education. Are there extracurricular activities and social events to do on the weekends? Is the campus close-knit or distant? How’s the food in the dining hall? These seemingly small features will have a big impact on your college experience overall.


Will I Get a Job After Graduating?

The job market is tough for young graduates in particular. When choosing a college, look for places that have job hunting resources and internship opportunities, so that you’ll be able to transition into the market as soon as possible after graduating.